New Product Release: Shingled Modules (480wp)

In 2020, ECO DELTA officially launched high-efficiency shingled modules. The module power has now reached 435W. This year, 166Cell shingled will be launched later, when the module power will exceed 480W.

Nowadays, high-efficiency modules are more and more favored by the market. Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC), black silicon, N-type, laminated, multi-main gate and other high-efficiency products are emerging endlessly. The scale of China's front runner base has driven the market's demand for efficient modules. Among many technological breakthroughs, the shingled module packaging technology breaks through the gate line connection of traditional crystalline silicon components, and has brought a revolutionary impact to the crystalline silicon assembly technology.

Shingled technology is a unique technology for connecting cells.After the photovoltaic cells are cut into pieces, they are welded into strings with a special special conductive adhesive material.Each cut piece of the battery will partially overlap during assembly. The gap in the module is fully used.This technology replaces the welding tape in the traditional technology. The battery slices are connected by front and back laminations. Based on the traditional technology, the connection force between the battery slices is improved to ensure the reliability of the battery connection. There are no metal grid lines on the surface, and there is no gap between the battery cells. It makes full use of the area available on the surface of the module and reduces the line loss of the traditional metal grid lines. Therefore, the conversion efficiency of the module is greatly improved. In the same area, shingled modules can place more than 13% of the battery cells than conventional PERC singled crystal modules.

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